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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Colorado - Low Hanging Fruit (maybe)

“Rocky Mountain High, Colorado.”

It pretty much sums up what happened to Colorado. A hippy starts singing about how wonderful the place is, then more hippies show up, and before long, it’s a mess. To be fair, the West has always had a strong libertarian streak, morally speaking. They also had a strong libertarian streak with regard to taxes, land use, politics and freedom, but liberals in our society have shown a remarkable ability to preempt moral libertarianism as a wedge to begin their socialist march. Then the citizens of California moved to Colorado, bringing their statist views with them, and the place starts to go downhill. But still no state fruit. What’s up with that, Colorado?

Conservatives have an opportunity in Colorado, but it will take work. Colorado was a 2004 Red state but a 2008 Blue state. Does that represent the massive demographic shift heralded by the Democrats, or dissatisfaction with the Bush administration and the weak campaign of McCain?

Colorado has seven members in the House of Representatives, and four of them are Democrats. Only one, CO-03, provides a chance for conservatives, according to the Croaker Norge Sliding Scale of Despair®. The rest of the Democrat districts: C0-01, CO-02, and CO-07, appear to be firmly Democrat, with Cook PVI ratings of D+4 (CO-07) to D+21 (CO-01).

CO-03: John Salazar – D
Salazar is a Blue Dog Democrat, who may currently be the most ineffective and vulnerable politicians. Moderation is not a virtue currently valued by Pelosi and company, and the ability of Blue Dogs to influence to the center is non-existent. CO-03 is Republican, but not overwhelmingly so: Cook PVI rating of R+5. Bush carried the district in 2004 with a decent 55% total, but I can’t find any information on McCain’s 2008 totals in the district. I suspect McCain lost the district, since Salazar won almost 2-1 in 2008.

Taking CO-03 will require organization and a viable conservative candidate.

Any rumors of a conservative running for CO-03?

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