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Monday, May 25, 2009

Arizona - Low Hanging Fruit

This is bad. Arizona sort of just fell of the edge of the cliff recently. Democrats represent five of the eight districts, and three of the five districts went Democrat since the 2006 election.

AR-01: Ann Kirkpatrick – D
Kirkpatrick was elected in 2008, the first Democrat since 1995. The Cook PVI rating for AR-01 is R+6. The district voted for Bush (twice) and McCain.

AR-05: Harry Mitchell – D

AR-05 may be changing to a permanent D. The Cook PVI rating for AR-05 is R+5, but McCain only carried the district by 52%, not good numbers for the local boy. Redistricting has taken its toll, and it is difficult to judge, for me at least. Some of you smart people in AR-05 may be able to help.

AR-08: Gabrielle Giffords – D

AR-08 is about the same as AR-05. Cook PVI rating; R+4. McCain barely carried the district. Like AR-05, someone on the ground there should be able to provide some information on what is happening.

(Arizona has no state fruit, which I thought was a constitutional requirement. Who knew? Does this help explain the state of affairs in Arizona?

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