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Monday, May 25, 2009

Alaska - Low Hanging Fruit

On paper, Alaska should be safe, and it may be. Alaska has one congressional representative, Republican Don Young, who has been serving since 1973. That should indicate deep support for Young.

The problem for conservatives is that Young has been under investigation since 2007 for misuse of funds. He is a well known user of earmarks, a trait that many conservatives think indicates trouble. Alaska has more than its fair share of politicians lining up for earmarks, and charges of corruption are disturbing, since Ted Stevens resigned after his conviction for corruption. The charges against Stevens have been dropped, but the damage was done. He was replaced by a Democrat, making the Obama agenda more likely.

Unfortunately, it looks like Young may be the low hanging fruit here. It seems likely that the Obama Department of Justice could taint another election and swing another vote into the D column. Young is innocent until proven guilty, of course, but maybe Alaskans should look elsewhere for a conservative Representative.

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