The political party that defends your right to own guns, keep your income, and worship freely is probably not the party to fear.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Shocking News: Romney Consultant doesn't like Palin!

In fact, the consultant, Alex Castellanos, doesn't like Huckabee, either. Palin and Huckabee are two conservatives who just can't win.

“We’re going to have a division in the Right in the Republican Party,” Castellanos told CNN Chief National Correspondent John King, “We now have two Mike Huckabees – people who have a powerful force in the party but can’t get out of the party in a general election and win.”

Apparently what conservatives need are more squishy Romney types, people whose political colors change with their ambitions. Governor of USSR-MASS? Legal abortion, a state health care plan that collapses soon after he leaves office. Presidential candidate? Abortion is bad, but dang, didn't I do good on that health care thing? Federalism is all about socialism at the state level. Obama opponent? Socialized medicine is very, very bad.

Castellanos, bud? Huck got more delegates than Romney, and paid a lot less, like a whole lot less, for each one than Romney did.

Here is a test, folks. Who would get a warmer welcome at a Tea Party gathering:

Yup, that's what I thought.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

How We Financed Obama’s 2012 Campaign

And the Democrats 2010 campaign

How we are financing our own destruction with tax dollars.

Obama raised or spent over $600 million dollars to win in 2008. Chump change

He and the Democrats just multiplied that number by a thousand, or actually closer to twelve hundred times, that 1,200 times. Or rather, you and I just multiplied that number by twelve times as much money. The stimulus bill of $787 billion ($787,000.000) is being used by Democrats to buy votes for the next two elections. Technically speaking, it ain’t tax money, since the deficit (the difference between the amount of taxes collected and the amount of money spent) is going to go way past $787 trillion dollars.

The stimulus is not being used to stimulate the economy by creating jobs. And while I said that it is being spent to finance the next elections, that is only true by extension. A lot of it is being used to reward Obama supporters in preparation for next year’s election, as well as 2012. $800,000 to Kevin Johnson, mayor of Sacramento and founder of St. Hope, Obama supporter and hoops partner. $40,000 to the law firm of Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter. Things like that.

The Federal Reserve got in on the act, too. Bernanke has spent between one and three TRILLION dollars to purchase bad debts. It’s hard to tell just how big the Fed’s contribution to the Obama New World Vision is. They can legally hide just about anything they want to hide.

The Fed doesn’t get tax money, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be paying for it. The Fed has two choices, as far as I can determine. The first is to sit on the bad debts and try to whittle them down so slowly that it won’t really affect the economy. Think of it as moving the bad numbers to a spread sheet that stockholders, and Americans, can’t see. If they can sit on the numbers for ten or twenty years, they can gradually reduce it to zero.

The more likely scenario is that the situation is out of control, and the Fed just created double digit inflation. You don’t have to take my word for it. Such are the fears of our greatest lender: China. The worsening economy makes this scenario much more likely. After all, even paper money has limits.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Subsidizing our own destruction

The following statement is completely unnecessary:

The mass media, particularly television, is the most important factor in creating public opinion.

The following statement is also unnecessary:

The media has an agenda that is not shared by the majority of us.

So we ignore the media and everything is fine, right? Not so. We subsidize Keith Obermann’s nightly rant even if we do not watch him. And Katie Couric. And Charles Gibson. And Brian Williams' bow to Obama. And Chris Matthews.

Allow me conduct the following unnecessary analysis.

Obermann is an employee of NBC, and is a feature on MSNBC. I don’t watch MSNBC, but I used to watch Life, before NBC decided to drop the show (which either tells you something about me or NBC. Take your pick.).

Life was carried by the local NBC affiliate, which paid NBC a fee for running the show.

They in turn sold advertising on Life to raise money to both stay on the air and to pay NBC for the show, which was also used to pay for the Obermann rants, the Couric rants, the Gibson rants and provide Brian Williams with a paycheck so he can bow to Obama (does this bring us full circle from Obermann to Obama?).

The grocery chain that I shop at buys advertising, which went to NBC to pay for the show. And some for Keith Obermann, Katie Couric, Charles Gibson, and Brian Williams, who bows to Obama (who swallowed the dog to catch the cat that chased the mouse that caught the spider that wiggled and jiggled and tickled insider her…).

None of this should be a surprise to you. I also shop at Lowes, Home Depot, Lowes, I buy gasoline that is probably advertised on NBC, and so on.

I am responsible for Obermann’s rants. I probably am the worst person on earth. Except for you, if you watch The Office, Heros, the Biggest Loser, Saturday Night Live, The Tonight Show, America’s Got Talent, Law and Order, and on an on. That makes you a worse person than I am, since I don’t watch those shows.

Why do we do it? Will there be one opinion expressed on any NBC show that is helpful to us? Not just “No” but …

NBC, and ABC and CBS, are determined to destroy conservatives. They ridicule conservative Christianity. They ridicule gun ownership. And they run a continuous propaganda campaign against both Republican and conservative politicians. They decided to destroy Palin, and are still trying. They run non-stop coverage of every scandal involving a Republican or conservative, but you will never hear of a scandal against a Democrat. Lying by omission, as it were.

Why do I continue to do business with the companies that fund the attacks on me? Why do you? If there is one thing that should be obvious, the power of the consumer is huge. Even the cretin Letterman was forced into a half apology by a rather small boycott of advertiser (and of course, we let him get away with it.)

Tea Party, if you want to make a difference, start a public boycott of the companies that advertise on NBC, and then let’s move on to ABC and CBS. If our local affiliate lost 50% of their advertising for one month, they would be hurting badly. If we multiply that almost 200, the number of NBC affiliates, NBC is in deep trouble.

Okay, we won’t get all 200. Closing down half the affiliates will probably destroy NBC. Then CBS. Then ABC.

It’s our money, and it’s our nation, and it’our lives. It’s time we used it.


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