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Monday, May 25, 2009

Alabama - Low Hanging Fruit - Updated

Alabama is a conservative state, with four of the seven congressional districts represented by Republicans. Of the three districts represented by Democrats, only one should be safe for the Democrats: AL-07, represented by Artur Davis.

Of the other two districts currently represented by Democrats: AL-02 and AL-05, the only question that can be raised is WT…heck happened?

AL-02: Bobby Bright –
Bright should not be representing AL-02. The Cook PVI rating for AL-02 is R+16. McCain carried the district by 63% of the vote. Bright is the first Democrat to be elected to represent AL-02 since 1965. However, it is clear that Bright understands his district, since he was one of the eleven Democrats in the House of Representatives that voted against the Obama Stimulus. The rest of his record is not so conservative.

Update: Bright has an opponent: Martha Robey. You go, girl!

Alabama conservatives, it’s time to wake up. This is not low hanging fruit. This is fruit that wants to fall in your basket.

AL-05: Parker Griffith – D

Like Bright, Griffith is also an anomaly. The Cook PVI rating for AL-05 is R+12, and both Bush and McCain carried the district by 60% of the vote. Like Bright, Griffith is a Blue Dog, voting against the Obama Stimulus. And like Bright, there is no way he should remain in office.

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