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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More WWJD on Healthcare

The estimable but atheist Allahpundit repeats the question on Obamacare, and appears to believe that it may be a valid question:

"Frankly, I’m surprised the Democrats haven’t pushed more of a moral/religious spin on red-staters to try to weaken support among conservatives who are making Blue Dogs’ lives hell. There are worse sales pitches than reminding evangelicals that universal health care means treatment for 47 million people who currently suffer without."

If he were to poll the leaders of some churches, he would probably get a positive response. The Episcopals, for example, are solidly on board, though some continue to question whether the TEC remains a Christian group in any sense of the word, other than the fact that they continue to use Christian vocabulary to describe their heresies.

Methodist, hard to say but likely. Presbyterians, likewise. Catholics have almost made social justice one of the sacraments (/sarc), so I'm guessing yes. Someday the Catholics might wake up and realize that those who would demand their support for socialized medicine are the same people who would demand abortion on demand from Catholic hospitals, gay marriage, and the destruction of their faith.

But Allah's question may stem from his lack of experience with Christian values. It's obvious from his writing that he has a decent grasp of Christian "dogmas" but he seems to have little understanding of issues like responsibility and consequences. After all, Paul wrote to the Thessalonian church straight and straight up said, "If a man won't work, neither shall he eat." His assessment of the people of Crete was similar if not more descriptive: "Cretans are always liars, evil brutes, lazy gluttons." This testimony is true..."

Incidentally, this is not an argument against Christian charity, but rather an argument against parasitism. The Bible, Old and New Testament, always requires that believers assist those who cannot help themselves: widows, orphans, people on whom catastrophe has fallen. But Christ never proposed supporting a permanent victim class.

He was always ready to forgive and restore, if the recipient of the forgiveness and restoration repented. In the parable of the Prodigal, the father didn't find the son and continue to transfer money to his bank account so the son could continue to waste it on whores and riotous living. Christ told the woman taken in adultery that He did not condemn her, but it was time to cut that adultery thing out. And it seems likely that He would say to the permanently unemployed "Get a job."

WWJD? Be responsible. That just might mean stop blaming others for your stupidity.

Just saying.

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