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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Dems to go it alone on Obamacare?

So thinks the NYTimes. Assorted Dems think it is a good idea.

The question will be how many Dems agree that the idea is a winner for them. Some, such as David Boren, know that it's a killer for them. A lot of others should have a clue by now whether it works in their districts.

If the polls are correct, it won't.

Maybe the best thing the Republicans can do is bring to the floor of the respective houses, similar to shutting up Charlie Rangle's call for the draft. Make it clear that the Democrats always had the votes to bring it to the floor, even in the Senate. The Republicans in each chamber should make it clear that the Republican Party is still the party of freedom and capitalism, but, hey, if you Dems want to do, do it now. Call for a clear reading and debate on the bill, so the public knows exactly what they are getting. Point out that it was Republicans that removed the death panels, but if the Dems want to add them back in, fine. Finish the motion with reassurances that the Republicans will run in 2010 on rolling back Obamacare, the $1.5 trillion deficit, and listening to their constituents.

Enough Democrats will back away from this one. It will destroy Pelosi, Reid, David "Astroturf" Axelrod and Obama.

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